F&SE Divisions

Facilities is organized into four principal funtional areas as noted below, supported by a small administrative unit. In addition, the division has four focused program areas: Energy Programs, Fleet Services, Classroom Renovation, and Deferred Maintenance.

Customer Service Center (aka Work Control Desk)

This division acts as the nerve center of the F&SE. Staffed with two full time employees, and two student assistants, this desk handles all day to day operational coordination of the department using radios, phones, and email. Included in their repertoire  are the handling service requests from all areas of the academic campus, both routine and emergency, processing of key and access card requests, issuing of work orders, and the data entry for completed work orders, and documentation related to charge back/cost recovery for work performed. The Service desk is staffed Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.   

Campus Support Services

Campus Support Services is the largest division. Most of the custodians are half-time employees, thereby ensuring enhanced scheduling flexibility to meet a wide array of campus custodial needs on an extended daytime basis during the week. Major custodial services occur between 4:00 to 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. During this time, classrooms, common areas, lecture halls, and restrooms are cleaned. Departmental common areas and offices are cleaned on a less frequent basis. Our recently published Custodial Services Guide provides descriptions of these services, and their frequency. Colleges and departments may also obtain custodial services for events or special cleanings on a cost-recovery/recharge basis. Integrated Waste Management. Employees of Integrated Waste Management arrive at 4:00 a.m. each weekday, and haul the trash, recyclable materials, and compost from all areas of the academic campus to the central collection site at the Waste Management building near the Central Utility Plant. This group also supports events on the campus grounds, and provides minor moving services to campus departments and other units on a cost recovery/recharge basis. In addition, this small group ensures the walking paths throughout the academic campus are clear of debris each day.

The Skilled Trades

The Skilled Trades division comprises of approximately 35 full-time trades workers, their supervisors and managers. Business hours are 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. A few employees begin work as early as 5:00 a.m., and some employees leave as late as 5:00 p.m., providing extended coverage principally for campus mechanical/electrical issues. The core responsibility of this group is the maintenance of the buildings and building systems, and timely response to building-related issues that may negatively impact pedagogy. The skilled trades also provide support of larger initiative maintenance and improvement projects, and accommodate tenant improvement requests from the colleges and departments on a cost recovery/recharge basis. This group has the largest number of after-hours emergency call-outs for items such as malfunctioning door locks, plumbing/sewerage leaks, and electrical power outages.

Grounds Operations Unit

The Grounds Operations Unit consists of a small group of skilled and motivated employees who care for the natural environment and landscape of the campus, including the campus forest. This group also maintains the two campus athletic fields—Maloney and Cox. You may see them working in the treetops, or on their knees in the beautiful display gardens, making SF State a landscaping showplace of the CSU system and colleges nationally.

The Administrative Support Group 

The Administrative Support group handles thousands of procurement transactions each year, making sure that all University policies, procedures, and guidelines are met, while expediting the purchase requisitions necessary for obtaining the myriad of goods and services utilized by the Facilities division in caring for the campus physical plant and grounds. This group also ensures the accuracy of payroll data for over 170 Facilities staff each month. The unit utilizes the HR Management System, aka PeopleSoft, and shepherds all documentation related to leaves-of-absence, recruitment and hiring, promoting, and termination/retirement of Facilities employees.

Program Areas

Our Energy Manager oversees the disbursement of nearly $6million per year in utilities costs, as well as having project support responsibilities for energy conservation projects and incentive rebate applications.

Our Fleet Services Coordinator manages the maintenance, repairs, and inspections of a wide variety of Facilities vehicles and equipment. He also manages the Voyager fueling credit card system utilized by all departments of the campus that utilize vehicles, and for the regulatory compliance of the campus gasoline fueling station and the underground storage tank located at the Corporate Yard.

The Classroom Renovation program is led by the Administrative Project Coordinator who brings together a diverse campus group dedicated to improving classrooms through deployment of new technologies, interior design, and accessibility improvements. This program has an annual dedicated budget for these improvements.

Our Deferred Maintenance Program is small, but crucial to the successful operations of the campus. Our focus at this time is the building envelope, and key systems within the buildings.  We are very proud of the new roofs we have been able to have install, as well as the annual initiatives of incremental replacement of exterior doors, and HVAC system improvements.   The funds reside in the Facilities budget, and the projects are managed by Capital Planning Project Managers, with assistance from Facilities Managers