Spring Clean Up 2019

Clear out your department's unwanted* junk and hazardous materials during our Spring Clean Up Event at no cost to your department.


Please use the following waste specific guide for preparing/dropping off your unwanted items. Please ensure the items you would like disposed of are clearly marked "SPRING CLEAN UP".

There are three categories for materials that may be collected as part of the Spring Clean Up 2019 Event:

1. Unwanted Item Collection (no campus key/keycards or confidential documents)

  • Submit a service request for non-electronic waste and nonhazardous waste items, starting on June 3, 2019 through June 8, 2019 at https://sfsu.metabim.com/.
  • Enter "SPRING CLEAN UP 2019" in the description field of the service request and list all items needing disposal.
  • Prepare items for disposal by labeling items "SPRING CLEAN UP".
  • Please note: Individual items cannot exceed 100 lbs.

2. Electronic Waste (e-waste) Drop-Off

3. Hazardous Waste Collection

  • Email your hazardous materials collection request to Environment, Health & Safety at sfehs@sfsu.edu
  • In your email, please include "SPRING CLEAN UP/HAZMAT ITEMS 2019" in the subject field. Include the following information in the email: contact name, email, phone number, best time ot call, inventory of hazmat items to be collected, and location of hazmat items (building and room number).
  • Label hazmat items "EHS PICK-UP". Items will be picked up throughout the summer 2019.
  • Examples of hazmat items include old/expired/unknown chemicals, paints, aerosol cans, paint thinners, solvents, cleaning agents, detergents, oils, lubricants, batteries (all types), mercury-containing light bulbs (CFLs), tube lights, and mercury-containing thermometers.


* If your unwanted item is University Property with a SF State Property Asset Tag, please contact one of the following staff members before disposing or requesting a disposal:


Kindly share this event with your coworkers!