Welcome to Facilities & Service Enterprises (F&SE)

Mission Statement

The mission of Facilities & Service Enterprises is to provide high quality maintenance and repair services to the academic campus, including 14 major academic and administrative buildings (funded by State General Funds) and several quasi-auxiliary and auxiliary buildings (funded by a charge-back basis for selected services agreed to through Memoranda of Understanding each year).

Principal Functions

Facilities & Service Enterprises (F&SE) is responsible for maintaining the grounds and ensuring they meet high aesthetic and sustainability standards, in keeping with SF State's overall culture and educational mission. Facilities provides for smooth day-to-day operations of campus facilities and grounds as well as the Central Utilities Plant that provides all campus utilities- water and heat, electricity, and sewage services- to the academic campus. The division values safety, comfort and efficiency, and strives to respond quickly to routine maintenance issues that arise, as well as to building-related or campus emergencies.

The division is a major participant in SF State's Emergency Preparedness planning, partnering with the University Police Department (UPD), Environmental Health & Safety, Parking, and many other campus units as needed to respond to incidents and continue critical campus operations.


For issues needing immediate attention please contact the Work Control Desk at: (415) 338-1568.